Monday, June 27, 2011

I may be crushed to death by BOOKS!

As you've likely noticed, I've been MIA for a while now.

Besides working on my YA sci-fi romance, I've also been reading.  I fell in love with "Across The Universe" by Beth Revis and "Divergent" by Veronica Roth.  All I can says is WOW!

As Barnes and Noble didn't have it stock, I had to order "A Need So Beautiful" by Suzanne Young.  For a while now I've been looking forward to this book.  (And not only because she's my friend's sister!)  The premise behind it is unique and interesting.

Recently I started re-reading the "Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan and watching "Game of Thrones" on HBO.  Of course, it did nothing but distract me from writing the sci-fi and I ended up working on a fantasy novel I'd started and tucked away earlier this year.   In fact, I have a few fantasy novels lying around, lol.  Ironic thing is, about two years ago I started a dystopian novel before I knew that was what it was called!  Oh the things I've learned.

My sister finished her book which is based on the journey of the fool in the tarot cards.  I've read it and it's wonderful.  I wish I'd written it!  It should be ready for query after a few more revisions.  She actually asked me today how to write a query letter since she has no clue what the "book world" is like or what to do with a finished novel.  I feel like such a big sister helping her out.

The people I work for are in Europe, so I have about 3 week off work, yay! (boo, no pay check)  This means, lots and lots of writing.  And apparently, a blog entry!
Then it's off to Seattle for about a month and a half.  I hope to get writing done there also when the kids are napping. ~fingers crossed~  Either way, I'll only be working 40 hrs a week and have the weekends off, so I KNOW I'll be writing regardless.

Now, why I may be crushed to death by books.  Those of you who know my boyfriend, Leo, you know that he LOVES books.  I have to put blinders on him at the bookstore in fear we'll come home with no less that 5 books each time.  It's an addiction really.  However, it may be a genetic thing.  Here are the photo's to prove it.

First, here is the bookshelf beside the bed.  I SLEEP on this side of the bed too!!!!  So should there be an earthquake (which is likely in San Diego), I may end up dying from the books falling on my head.  There are worse ways to go.
Next are the books in the rest of the room!  We are surrounded!!!!!

Here is a photo of the stairs heading to the living room and kitchen.

Now is the living room area.

Please keep in mind, in the other bedrooms, there are TONS of other books!  Today, Leo's mom asked him to help with the garage and the storage space.  Here is one photo from the garage (there are books on the other side as well).  I swear, Leo almost had a heart attack when he was told they were going to be donating most of the books from the garage. (Actually, he took it better than I thought he would, hahahaha!)  Part of the reason they are cleaning out his spot is because Leo is got his parents infrared sauna (well, did the down payment anyways.)
(Yes, I am blogging while they are cleaning. ~trying to look innocent~)
 Carol carrying out more stuff.  She found a box of children's books from about 30 years ago when Leo was little.  I hope that they keep those!
Oh look!  Leo is cleaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Truth be told, he's good at keeping things clean and whatnot.  He's such a sweetheart. 

*PLEASE NOTE These pictures do not include all of the books at MY house either!  I have at least 100 books at my place.  Though it doesn't compare to the likely over a thousand books here at Leo's parents.