Saturday, November 2, 2013

Review of Aimee Salter's BREAKABLE

I'm not sure exactly when, but quite some time ago, I stated following Aimee on Twitter and reading her blog. If you aren't reading it, you should. As I fore mentioned in a previous blog post, she gives brilliant editing and writing advice: Aimee's blog.
Then during writeoncon little over a year ago she posted the beginning of her book (then known as Shatter Me) and query letter for the world and ninja agents to see.
The voice, the setting... the hook. I had to know what happened to this character and why she was covered in scars.
It was killing me not be able to read it in its entirety, immediately. 
Shortly thereafter, Aimee announced she had an agent. I couldn't have been happier for a fellow writer! The publishing industry isn't a fast one, but I was willing to wait the approximate two years it would take for it to hit bookshelves. I knew I'd remember this book.
Then suddenly, there was no agent. As I read her blog (insert link to that specific post) and the difficult choice she had to make, I felt bad. I couldn't imagine how hard it must have been. But I knew that one way or another, this book was going to be in the hands of readers everywhere one day.
To make a long story short, as we now know, that book -Breakable, is now being self-published. And let me tell you: When she tweeted that she was looking for book reviewers, I very literally shouted out loud, "Me!" And hallelujah, she picked me to review this book. 
After waiting so long with such anticipation, I was almost nervous to read it. Like when you wait and wait for a movie to come out, and when it does it isn't nearly as wonderful as you expected. 
I was NOT disappointed. I read nearly the enter thing on a nonstop flight from San Diego to Washington, DC. It frustrated me to no end that I had to stop when my flight arrived. 
As Stacy tells her story, we know she's holding something back (but not of sure what-there are some surprise twists!), we follow her journey through self-acceptance, her older self not being completely honest and seemingly completely unhelpful, through the eyes of shallow classmates and mother.
Through her art, Stacy finds a way to express her feelings and ultimately realize her true self. 
Breakable is a poignant story of self-doubt and acceptance, unrequited love and the test of friendship, and a question: If you knew your future and had what you wanted, but at a heavy cost, would you change your path or do it anyway?
If there is one last book you want to read before the New Year, this is the one. I promise, you won’t regret it.

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  1. Thanks so much, Sara! And thanks for jumping on board for Breakable!