Monday, February 1, 2010

Could the second time be the charm?

Recently, I finished my second book. The first one was a young adult novel; but this time I opted for a middle grade book and lightened up the mood a bit.

Nervous as any unpublished writer, I took to sending my query letter once again. The disappointment of having no requests from the first book still lingered in my mind, but I plunged forward none the less.

Within the first 48 hours I had two request for the full manuscript!

I was leaving work when my phone went off (thank goodness for my blackberry). Just as I walked out the door I pulled out my phone and read the email, fully expecting the typical, "Not for me."

Imagine my shock when I realized it was a request! I cried. Immediately I called my boyfriend and was promptly sent to voicemail. Sadly, he is in Haiti and unable to check his voicemail, but I can't wait until he listens to it! Freaking out is an understatement! As he has a degree in literature and is an AMAZING writer, I know he will be as excited as I was when he hears it at last.

Then at about five in the morning, my phone went off again. Usually I ignore it...actually, I turn it off. But with having sent query letters, I left it on. Once again I was reduced to tears and was unable to fall back asleep. The lack of sleep was more than worth it.

Now it's a waiting game to see what will become of my latest book. For now I am hoping the second book is the charm. But just in case, I've already started a third!

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  1. I'm so proud of you!!! Good job! Will keep reading for more updates. :)