Sunday, May 23, 2010

Feels like Autumn

Here in San Diego it felt like a perfect autumn May.

The air was crisp and clean just like I loved about living in the Mid-West and East Coast all of those years ago, it reminded me of the first book I completed in writing.  Not because it was set in that time of year or in either of those places, but because it was when I first began writing it.

As I did some shopping and drank my beloved iced coffee, I began to think about how inspired I'd become during those months I took to writing at least four hours a day, just about seven days a week.  I had a passion for a story line I fell in love with. 

Recently, writers block has been bombarding me.  Writing has come in spurts.  I begin a book and quickly find myself bored which in turn makes me skip to starting yet another story.

I am thankfunl for the weather today.  It reminded me of the passion I had to write and focus even when I found myself stuck.  Over the next week I will be going over "ANGEL'S GRACE," editing, and re-editing, to send it out once again.

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