Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When it comes to describing colors...

When it comes to describing colors I have the hardest time!  Which is why I found a sort of "cheat sheet."

Yup, it's a brand of paint and I LOVE it!  There is always a specific shade you see or imagine that you want to put in your book, but how do you describe something that's a muted shade of purple?  Because simply writing "muted shade of purple" wont cut least for me it wont.  But when you say "Winter Amethyst" or perhaps "Frosted Grape" it sounds slightly more magical.  (ok, so frosted grape was mine, but you get the idea.) 

Keep in mind not all names of paint can't be used.  Calling a shade turquoise "Wipeout" isn't going to work.  It can however inspire a whole sentence or paragraph dedicated to it.

"He fell into the abyss and disappeared into its turquoise murky depths, like a surfer sinking into a wave at dusk."

Hope you find my "cheat sheet" helpful!

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